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Our Women

c. uma

Uma is in charge of quality control. She is married with two children, a boy (7) and a girl (3). She is very excited to learn a craft and finds the work very interesting. She is a quick learner, very detail-oriented, and a perfectionist. Her quiet and sweet presence does not detract from her being a leader in the workplace. Her dream has been to learn a craft, improve her skills, and educate her children. She is thankful to Marigold & Co. for helping her dreams become realized.



Nagartha is one of our weavers. Her two children are 11 and 9 years old. Her husband was a mason but is unemployed. He was let go after months of work with no pay. Her job with Marigold & Co. is currently the only source of income her family has. She enjoys the work and is interested in the craft. Nagartha is always the source of laughter and keeps a lighthearted atmosphere in the workplace. Though she was only educated until the 4th standard her dream is that her children will one day be educated professionals.



Jayasudha is one of our leather craftswomen. She is married with two young children. She prioritizes their education and wants them to be successful adults. Her husband drives test vehicles but it isn't a consistent job and not enough income to run a household. Jayasudha said that the women in the village have never been trained to create anything and that she had always hoped that someone would teach her a skill. She is thankful to Marigold & Co. for teaching her a useful craft and providing her family with another source of income. She loves listening to music and dancing with her children. She brings her fun, cheerful personality to work with her. 


R. Menaka

Menaka is another one of our weavers. She is married with two children. Her husband used to load and deliver sand until he became unemployed because of the rise of the cost of sand. Unfortunately, he has not gone looking for another job since. Menaka has been the sole source of income for her family and before coming to work for Marigold & Co. she was trying to provide for them by government employed farming. The government can only employ her 100 days a year for ₹100 a day, which is not nearly enough to run a household. She explained she has lots of interests but cannot afford to pursue any of them. Her dream is to educate her children into responsible adults. She believes that working for Marigold & Co. will help make this dream become a reality.